Grief is such a funny thing. Perhaps one of the most written about emotions, yet very seldom do we read something that really resonates with the innermost core of our being. And of course, what makes sense to my grieving heart may not make sense to yours. One thing we do all share, while stumbling... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Grumps

  As the title suggests, I’m in a pretty grumpy mood today. It’s one of those “Does everybody hate me?” funks I sometimes find myself in when anxiety rears it’s angry head. There’s hasn’t been an argument or any kind of falling out with person X or Y, but naturally, when anxiety is high alert,... Continue Reading →


The flowers keep wilting, For they know that you’ve gone. They sing out lonely, heartbroken song.   They long for your touch, Attention, And care, Breathing your water, They thirst for your air.   They live out the days, In their milky white vase, Murky water subsiding, Reflecting your face.

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